International Exchange

Objective of our research on “international exchange”

Amidst an increasingly complex international situation, mutual understanding through global exchange of knowledge and culture will be more important than ever before. We hope to bring forth a world order appropriate for the new era by understanding the characteristics of the regions and nations in the world, providing insight on the latest world situation, and transmitting them.
CIGS will organically link its global human network to provide a global platform of knowledge creation needed by a chaotic world.

Research areas

  • Japan in a Global Perspective
  • Japan-US-China relations
  • Exchanges with Russian universities and research institutes
  • Exchanges with economic ministries, central banks and related research institutes in Southeast Asia, and international organizations

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Research Themes

Project Leader Research Director Kiyoyuki SEGUCHI
Research Objective
The Trump administration is adopting a diplomatic policy of prioritizing the interests of their nation and giving up their leadership in the international community. It is necessary for Japan to take autonomous and independent leadership on TPP, Japan-China-South Korea FTA, RCEP etc.. We will consider what political, diplomatic, security and economic policies Japan should adopt. US-China trade frictions have been adversely affecting the entire global economy. We will analyze possible impacts of this problem from diversified perspectives.
Project Leader Research Director Jun KURIHARA
Project Member(s) Research Director Keiichiro KOBAYASHI ・ International Research Fellow Kenji Kushida ・ International Research Fellow Hilary J. Holbrow
Collaborator(s) Kiyoshi KUROKAWA (The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)), Yukio HONDA (Osaka Institute Technology)
Research Objective
We will conduct a critical study and proposals of major fields relating to the revitalization of the Japanese economy and society, and corporate activities.
Project Leader Senior Research Fellow Fengjun DUAN
Research Objective
China is the world's largest energy consuming country and carbon dioxide emitting country, and at the same time is active in introducing low-carbon energy such as renewable energy and nuclear energy. We aim to examine how Japan and China should develop strategic exchanges and a cooperative relationship to contribute to the resolution of warming issues and construction of long-term energy visions in Japan.
Project Leader Research Director Daisuke KOTEGAWA
Project Member(s) Research Fellow Akiko YOSHIOKA
Research Objective
We will promote mutual understanding and economic partnership between Japan and Russia through interaction with the "Izborsk Club," regular symposiums in collaboration with the Russian Embassy in Tokyo, participation in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, an economic forum in Moscow, an international forum in Rhodes, and the intensive lecture course at Moscow State University Graduate School.

Research Fellows

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