Research Director

*Resigned on May 31st, 2021.

Former Executive Director for Japan, IMF

[Research Themes]
Exchanges with economic ministries, central banks and related research institutes in Southeast Asia, and international organizations
Exchanges with Russian universities and research institutes


  • Social and Economics Analysis and Networking amongst BRICS and South-East Asian countries

Event Reports



1979 MBA, Stanford University
1975 BA in Law, The University of Tokyo


2018- Director of Asian Economic Center of National University of St. Petersburg
2016- Visiting Professor of Moscow National University
2011-2021 Research Director, The Canon Institute for Global Studies
Special Advisor, Asia Forum Japan
2007-2010 Executive Director for Japan, IMF
Chaired the last meeting of NAB which raised $ 600 B, Various measures to deal with world economic crisis, Unprecedented Budget and Personnel Cut
2006 Deputy Director-General, Finance Bureau, MOF
Drafting of FY2007 Government Loan & Investment Program, Securitization of Government Loans, Prepayment of Government Loans by Local Governments
2005 Director-General, Kanto Regional Finance Bureau, MOF
Supervision of Financial Institutions in 10 Prefectures including Tokyo
2004 Deputy Director-General, International Bureau, MOF
In Charge of Asia, Doubling of Chiang-Mai Initiative
2003 Deputy Director-General, Minister's Secretariat, MOF
External Relations, Policy Appraisal
2002 Deputy Director-General, Project Team to Establish Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan
2001 Counselor, Minister's Secretariat, MOF
Financial Systems and Policy Appraisal
2000 Director, Coordination Division, Tax Bureau, MOF
1999 Counselor, Supervisory Department, FSA
Sanctions on CSFP, Nichiei Consumer Loan Company, Y2K
1998 Director, Coordination Division, Supervisory Department, FSA
Nationalization of LTCB, NSB
1996 Director, Securities Business Division, Securities Bureau, MOF
"Big-Bang", Closure of Yamaichi Securities, Sanyo Securities
1994 Director, International Tax Affairs Division, Tax Bureau, MOF
Vice Chairman of the OECD Committee on Fiscal Affairs, OECD Guidelines on Transfer Pricing, Tax Treaties with France, Mexico, Vietnam and South Africa
1993 Director, Office of Coordination, International Finance Bureau, MOF
US-Japan Framework Consultation, WTO Negotiation on Financial Services
1991 Deputy Vice Governor, Yamagata Prefecture
1989 Deputy Director, First Investment Division, Finance Bureau, MOF
Drafting of Investment & Loan Programs, US-Japan Negotiation on the Structural Impediments Initiatives
1987 Deputy Budget Examiner, Budget Bureau, MOF
Budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ODA, Third Package of Yen-Loans to China, Mid-Term ODA Doubling Plan
1984 Senior Financial Economist, Financial Policy & Analysis Department, The World Bank
IDA9 Negotiation, Designing New Financial Products
1982 Deputy Director, First Investment Division, International Finance Bureau, MOF
IDA8 Negotiation, IBRD Capital Increase, Yen-$ Committee
1981 Director, SUWA Tax Office
1975 Joined the Ministry of Finance


  • (With other staff of Japanese Government including Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda)
  • Kokusai Koushou (International Negotiations) Tokyo, 1996