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Kenji Kushida

Kenji Kushida

International Research Fellow

Senior Fellow, Asia Program Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Project leader, Japan - Silicon Valley Innovation Initiative @ Carnegie

[Research Themes]
Élan vital for Japan


  • Political Economy, Information Technology, Politics



2010.8 University of California Berkeley, PhD in Political Science
2003.6 Stanford University, MA in East Asian Studies
2001.6 Stanford University, BA in Economics, BA in East Asian Studies


2022.2- Senior Fellow, Asia Program Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2014.8-2022.1 Stanford University Shorenstein APARC Japan Program Research Associate
2011.7-2014.8 Stanford University Shorenstein APARC Takahashi Research Associate
2010.9-2011.6 Stanford University Shorenstein APARC Postdoctoral Fellow


  • “Cloud Computing: From Scarcity to Abundance.” Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 15(1): 5-19. 2015. (With Jonathan Murray, and John Zysman.)
  • “The Politics of Commoditization in Global ICT Industries: A Political Economy Explanation of The Rise of Apple, Google, and Industry Disruptors.” Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 15(1), 49-67. 2015.
  • “The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the DPJ: Leadership, Structure, and Information Challenges During the Crisis.” Japanese Political Economy 40
  • “Public-Private Interplay for Next Generation Access Networks: Lessons and Warnings from Japan’s Broadband Success.” Communications & Strategies 91: 13-34. 2013.
  • “Syncretism: The Politics of Japan’s Financial Reforms.” Socio-Economic Review. 11(2) doi:10.1093/ser/mwt003. 2013. (With Kay Shimizu)
  • “The Gathering Storm: Analyzing the Cloud Computing Ecosystem and Implications for Public Policy.” Communications and Strategies. (85): 63-85.
  • “Entrepreneurship in Japan’s ICT Sector: Opportunities and Protection from Japan’s Regulatory Regime Shift.” Social Science Japan Journal 15(1): 3-30. 2012. (Awarded best article in SSJJ for 2012)
  • “Leading without Followers: How Politics and Market Dynamics Trapped Innovations in Japan's Domestic Telecommunications Sector.” Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade. 11(3): 279-307. 2011.


  • “The Silicon Valley Economic Ecosystem: A Strategic Overview.” Stanford Silicon Valley – New Japan Project Report Series. 2015.
  • “The Next Epoch in Cloud Computing: Implications for Integrated Research and Innovation Strategy.” (with Jonathan Murray, Patrick Scaglia, and John Zysman) BRIE Working Paper, no. 2014-4 (2014).


  • Baikaruchaa to Nihonjin: Sekai ga Hoshigaru Guroobaru Jinzai e no Michiバイカルチャーと日本人:世界が欲しがるグローバル人材への道 [Biculturalism and the Japanese: The Road Towards Globally Attractive Professionals]. Tokyo, Amazon Kindle. 2015. (With Makiko Oku)
  • Intaanashonaru Sukuuru no Sekai インターナショナルスクールの世界[The World of International Schools]. Tokyo, Amazon Kindle. 2013