Energy and the Environment

Objective of our research on “energy and the environment”

In recent years, discussions have been held on climate change and global environmental problems as global issues common to the world. However, we face an era that requires more truly data-based analyses than ever before. In order to tackle these issues, we must approach the issues from both verification of environmental changes based on solid facts and data, and economic science including economic rationality and innovation, without being influenced by emotion or trends.
Furthermore, Japan faces risks of resource securement and national security including ocean policy, utilization of nuclear energy, etc. as issues particular to Japan, and requires the building of a global cooperative framework that includes the nations concerned and dynamic policy proposals from a long-term perspective.

Research areas

  • Research on innovation-based solutions to energy and global warming issues
  • Legal analysis of the approaches to secure nuclear safety
  • Study on the sustainable comprehensive use of sea areas and Japan-China exchanges

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Research Themes

Project Leader Research Director Hisashi YOSHIKAWA
Project Member(s) Senior Research Fellow Shinsuke TOYONAGA
Research Objective
Although nuclear energy and renewable energy are useful technologies, dealing with climate change, such energies involve risks that would cause externalities such as health hazards and noises. We will scrutinize and propose advanced legal systems and policies to utilize scientific and technological achievements that will contribute to mitigating and controlling such risks, by referring to insights of economics and other social science, as well as legal ones.
Project Leader Research Director Taishi SUGIYAMA
Project Member(s) Research Director Hisashi YOSHIKAWA
Research Objective
Research Objective: We develop the strategy to solve global warming through technological innovation and propose policy and institution arrangement to make it happen. We also examine scientific knowledge and environmental impacts of global warming and explore national mitigation strategy of global warming that hit balance among national security, economy and environment.
Project Leader Senior Research Fellow Fengjun DUAN
Research Objective
Discussions about nuclear energy as an important choice of Japan's sustainable energy system are concentrated on the restart of existing nuclear power plants. We will then design a development strategy from the standpoint of industrial promotion and international cooperation in order to examine the necessity for development of new-generation nuclear power considering long-term energy visions and their risks.
Project Leader Senior Research Fellow Fengjun DUAN
Collaborator(s) Shigeru TABETA (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Research Objective
Although development of marine energy technology in Japan is progressing, Japan would actually fall behind in putting it to practice due to certain economic constraints. We will study the possibilities of constructing an offshore food and energy production base using large floating structures, and aim to provide engineering solutions for development and the use of sustainable marine energy.

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