Research Areas

Five policy issues to be addressed

Amidst dramatic social changes associated with globalization, digital innovation and climate change, etc., the Canon Institute for Global Studies ("CIGS") conducts research and studies of scientific value, and commits to making proactive policy proposals, on the basis of its basic stance of gaining a deep insight into the changes in the world's political and economic frameworks and the courses of actions that Japan should take to carve out its future. Main areas where CIGS will carry out its research activities include the following five domains: global economy; foreign affairs and national security; energy and the environment; international exchange; and finance and the social security system. It is also important for CIGS to obtain information about the actual conditions and trends in foreign countries including the United States, Europe and emerging countries (particularly China). We will, therefore, exchange information and hold a debate with prominent people in the world aiming to create a global network of people and knowledge.