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Paul Goldstein Seminar "The North Korean Strategic Dilemma" - Summary of Speech and Q&A

The Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) hosted a seminar on October 31, 2017 inviting Mr. Paul Goldstein from Pacific Tech Bridge (PTB). This is the summary of speech and Q&A.

Abstract of the Speech
China is not going to be the dominant power economically and militarily. North Korea is the catalyst for changing the geopolitical dynamic of NE Asia. US-Japan-ROK trilateral agreement and deployment of joint aerial, missile defense, and improved Japan-ROK relationship poses a new geopolitical challenge to China. Sino-Russian partnership does not necessarily converge on North Korea. Kim Jong Un is challenging China and the governance of Xi Jinping. The last 3 missile and nuclear tests were conducted when Xi met Trump in April at Mar a Largo; In May, One Belt One Road May Summit/Xi keynote; BRICs Summit Xiamen. Kim is operating as a complete rogue state, but Iran is not such state and is more sophisticated and understands the international system.
US has 12 War Plans and 12 Diplomatic Solutions. US is prepared to go to war if Kim acts irrationally by attacking Guam or US homeland. Japan's role is changing and its strategic importance is growing. US-Japan relations are deepening and the strategic importance of the UK will also change because of Brexit.

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Paul Goldstein Seminar "The North Korean Strategic Dilemma"