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Jeffrey Steinberg Seminar "The Trump Presidency after 18 months"

July 11, 2018, 15:00 - 17:00
Venue: CIGS Meeting Room3

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(Mr. Steinberg, Mr. Kotegawa from the left)

Seminar outline
Title: "The Trump Presidency after 18 months"
Speaker: Jeffrey Steinberg, Executive Vice President of Pacific Tech Bridge (PTB)
Moderator: Daisuke Kotegawa, Research Director, CIGS

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Summary of speech and Q&A
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Abstract of the Speech
1. Revisiting the 2016 Presidential Election: A circuit breaker on failed policies of endless wars, collapsed infrastructure and bailouts of Wall Street. Both party establishments take a beating.
2. Business pragmatism: Trump's 2000 book, The America We Deserve.
3. The Trump we know and the Trump we don't know: John Trump and the nuclear war danger.
4. The new American nationalism defined. The Cohen-McMaster Op-ed (opposite the editorial page) still holds.
5. A team of rivals at the White House.
6. Trump borrows a page from Xi Jinping.
7. Keeping campaign promises.
8. Trump's Great State Diplomacy.

Speaker's profile
Jeffrey Steinberg is Executive Vice President of Pacific Tech Bridge, a global research enterprise with clients in Japan and the United States. PTB conducts global geopolitical and geoeconomic research for corporate and government clients, and is involved in business development in the field of cybersecurity and infrastructure.
Prior to joining PTB, Steinberg was involved for 40 years in national security analysis and writing. He was a senior editor of Executive Intelligence Review. He currently is an adjunct professor at Frederick College in Maryland, where he teaches courses on Principles of U.S. National Security, The Making of Modern China, and the U.S. Constitution.