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CIGS エネルギー環境セミナー "Taiwan Energy Transition for the harmonization of economy, energy and environment"

2017年12月14日(木) 16:00 ~ 17:30 開催
会場:キヤノングローバル戦略研究所 会議室3


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題目:"Taiwan Energy Transition for the harmonization of economy, energy and environment"
発表者:潘 子欽(PAN Tze-Chin)
(Senior researcher, The Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan)
モデレーター:杉山 大志 (キヤノングローバル戦略研究所 上席研究員)
ディスカッサント:堀井 伸浩(九州大学 准教授)


潘 子欽 発表資料PDF:2.29MB
ディスカッション用資料(堀井 伸浩)PDF:180KB

Taiwan has been successful in developing her industries supported by cheap and stable electricity supply, mostly by coal, natural gas, and nuclear power. Electronics industry has been particularly successful, and it consumed as much electricity as 18% of national total in 2016.
However, Taiwan's energy policy is at the crossroad, just like Japan.
Taiwan and Japan have similar geographical features such as many natural disasters and high population density. In addition, we are facing the same energy challenges: economic growth mainly driven by manufacturing sector, high dependence on import of energy, active environmental movements against coal and nuclear power, and heated debates on the power shortage risk and the future electricity supply structure. Furthermore, Taiwan, like Japan, announced ambitious 2030 targets of CO2 reduction. Finally, we share the similar political value and security concerns.
As close friends facing the same problems, Taiwan and Japan can learn from each other and avoid unnecessary failures. In this presentation, Dr. Pan will explain the Taiwan's energy situation, the challenge of energy transition, and the key policy measures. He looks forward to having a discussion with Japanese experts and audience.

Dr. Tze-Chin Pan is a senior researcher in the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and serves as department manager of industrial energy efficiency team. He earned his PhD degree in environmental engineering from National Chiao Tung University in 2009. Dr. Pan has worked in the Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories of ITRI since 2011. His research field covers a variety of energy policy issues. In 2012, Dr. Pan focused on the renewable energy development strategy to promote Taiwan solar energy industry. In 2013, Dr. Pan supported the Bureau of Energy to simulate the long-term energy demand and supply plan and improve the energy policy communication between the government and the public. From 2015, Dr. Pan participates in the energy efficiency project funded by Bureau of Energy to implement the policies of energy audit scheme, mandatory electricity-saving target, and energy efficiency regulations for industrial sector.