Event Report  Global Economy

Small Policy Conference on Japan's Fiscal Sustainability

June 1, 2012, 9:00 - 12:30
Venue: CIGS Meeting Room 3

  • Agenda for the conference on June-01, 2012

  • Opening Remarks

    • Toshihiko Fukui
      President, The Canon Institute for Global Studies



    • Presentator:Tomoyuki Nakajima
      Professor, Kyoto Universiry
      "Why aren't bond yields and inflation responding to Japanese fiscal risks?"

    • Presentator:R. Anton Braun
      Research Economist and Policy Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
      "The Implications of a Greying Japan for Public Policy."

    • Presentator:Gary Hansen
      Professor, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
      "Fiscal Reform and Government Debt in Japan: A Neoclassical Perspective."

      Presentation SlidePDF:376KB   PaperPDF:239KB

    Round table discussion

    • Panel Discussion Summary
      Discussion SummaryPDF:137KB

    • Chikahisa Sumi (Ministry of Finance)  Presentation SlidePDF:688KB
      Shigeki Morinobu (Chuo University)   Presentation SlidePDF:293KB
      Yukihiro Matsuyama (CIGS)         Presentation SlidePDF:469KB
      Selahattin Imrohoroglu (USC)       Presentation SlidePDF:1.7MB
      Alan Auerbach (UC Berkeley)

      Moderator : Keiichiro Kobayashi (CIGS)

      120601_sumi_photo.jpg 120601_morinobu_photo.jpg 120601_matsuyama_photo.jpg
      From left Mr. Sumi, Professor Morinobu, Mr. Matsuyama

      120601_imrohoroglu_photo.jpg 120601_auerbach_photo.jpg 120601_kobayashi_photo.jpg
      From left Professor Imrohoroglu, Professor Auerbach, Mr. Kobayashi