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Kiminori Matsuyama

Kiminori Matsuyama

International Senior Fellow

Professor, Northwestern University


  • Macroeconomics, International Trade, Endogenous Growth and Fluctuations, Structural Change



1987 Harvard University, Ph D in Economics
1980 University of Tokyo, BA in International Relations


2020-present Global Fellow, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo,
2019-present Chercheur associé, Centre de l’économie de l’innovation, Collège de France,
2018-present Member, Academic Advisory Council, Institute of New Structural Economics (INSE), Peking University
2018-2021.03 Chief Scientific Adviser, Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research
2017-present Foreign Member, Collegio Docenti, Ph.D programme in Global Studies, University of Urbino
2016-present Research Fellow, Macroeconomics and Growth Programme, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), London
1995-present Professor, Northwestern University
1991-1995 Associate Professor, Northwestern University
1987-1991 Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Spring 2008 Visiting Professor, MIT
Spring 1993, Fall 2003 Visiting Professor, University of Chicago
1991-1992 National Fellow, Hoover Institution


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  • “Globalization and Synchronization of Innovation Cycles,” (with Laura Gardini and Iryna Sushko)
  • “The Home Market Effect and Patterns of Trade Between Rich and Poor Countries,” London School of Economics, Centre for Macroeconomics DP#2015-27.
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