Research Fellow

Adjunct Lecturer, Kanagawa University


  • Comparative Politics
  • Politics in the former Soviet countries



2012.1 Ph.D (Advanced Social & International Studies), the University of Tokyo
2003.3 M.A. (Advanced Social & International Studies), the University of Tokyo
2001.3 B.A. (Arts & Sciences), the University of Tokyo


2010.4 - present Adjunct Lecturer, Kanagawa University
2003.10 - 2004.3 Teaching Assistant, the University of Tokyo
2003.7 - 2008.3 Adjunct Research Fellow, National Diet Library


  • Formation of the Constitutional Regime in Russia: Institutional Choices in the Multidimentional Regime Change and their Unexpected Results (in Japanese), Ph.D dissertation, Tokyo University, 2012.
  • Politics and Economy in the Post-Socialist Period: Comparisons of the Former Soviet and Central and Eastern European Countries. (in Japanese, multi-authored) Hokkaido University Press. 2011.
  • Structure and Actors: Consideration from the Point of Comparative Politics, (in Japanese, multi-authored) ISS Research Series No.35, Institute of Social Science, Tokyo University, 2010.


Peer-reviewd articles

"Asymmetrical Federalism in Russia: Its Intitutinal Origin"(in Japanese) Rosia Touou Kenkyu, No.42, 2013(forthcoming).

"Russia's 'Strong' President?: Review of the Institution Making Process in the Multidimentional Regime Change" (in Japanese) Yoroppa Kenkyu, No.11, pp.51-74, 2011.

"The Role of 'Civic Union' in the Political Crisis after the Collapse of the Soviet Union" (in Japanese) Roshia-shi Kenkyu, No.77, pp.61-68, 2005.

Non-peer-reviewed articles

"'United Russia' and the Current Situation of the Predominant Party System" (in Japanese), on the website of the Japan Institute for International Affairs, 2013(forthcoming)


"CIS" "Chechen Conflict" "Putin" "Mafia Economy" "Russian Federation" (in Japanese) Takashi Inoguchi (eds.) Kokusai Seiji Jiten, Koubundo, 2005.