Research Fellow

Part-Time Lecturer, Kanazawa Gakuin University


  • Econophysics



2002.09 Ph.D. in Science, Kanazawa University
1998.03 M.A. in Science, Kanazawa University
1996.03 B.A. in Science, Kanazawa University


2011.01 - present Research Fellow, The Canon Institute for Global Studies
2006.09 - present Part-time Lecturer, Kanazawa Gakuin University
2005.09 - present Part-time Lecturer, Kanazawa Medical Center Kanazawa School of Nursing
2003.04 - 2004.03 Part-time Lecturer, Nanao College
2002.04 - 2004.03 Part-time Lecturer, Toyama National College of Maritime Technology
2001.04 - 2003.03 Part-time Lecturer, Ishikawa National College of Technology
2001.03 - 2003.03 Part-time Lecturer, Kanazawa University


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