Research Fellow

[Research Themes]
Security and international politics studies for resolution of new social issues
Enhancing dissemination of Japan's views and information to other countries, and international networking
Study on policy simulation


  • International Relations Theory
  • China's Foreign and Security Oolicy
  • the Indo-Pacific Region



March 2020 Doctor of International Politics, Aoyama Gakuin University
March 2014 Master of International Politics, Aoyama Gakuin University
March 2011 Bachelor of International Politics, Aoyama Gakuin University
September 2004-Februart 2006 Department of Chinese and English, Beijing Foreign Studies University


April 2021- Research Fellow, the Canon Institute for Global Studies(CIGS)
October 2018-March 2021 Research Fellow, Aoyama Gakuin University Research Institute
April2018-October 2018 Research Fellow, the Japan Institute of International Affairs(JIIA)
September 2016-March 2017 Visiting Adjunct Fellow, the Japan Institute of International Affairs(JIIA)
April 2014-February 2015 Toho Shoten


  • "Thailand in China’s Periphery Diplomacy after the Cold-War: Driving a Wedge between the U. S. and Thailand" in Shinji Kawana ed., Kyoshin suru kokusai seiji gaku to chiiki kenkyu: kichi, hunsou, chitsujo (Tokyo: Keiso shobou) January 2019


  • "Asymmetry Theory and China–Philippines Relations with the South China Sea as a Case," East Asia (Online first) June 2021
  • "The 'Liberal International Order with Chinese Characteristics'? Human Rights Diplomacy by the Xi Jinping Administration and its Linkage with the 'Community of Shared Future for Mankind'",
    Mondai to Kenkyu, 49(2),81-116 June 2020
  • "From 'Tacit;Acceptance' to an Emerging Threat: China's Threat Perceptions toward the U.S.-ROK Alliance and the Evolving China-ROK Relations", Aoyama kokusai seikei ronshu, 104,61-84 May 2020
  • The Discord between the Liberal International Order and China's Rise: An Analysis from the Perspectives of the Order, the U.S.-China Relations, and Domestic Politics (Ph.D. Dissertation) March 2020
  • "Australia as Middle Power in China's Periphery Diplomacy: How the Evolving China-Australia Relations Affect the U.S.-Australia Alliance", Mondai to Kenkyu, 48(2),103-145 June 2019
  • "The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China's Foreing Policy-making Process: The MFA's Relations with People's Liberation Army", Kokusai anzen hosho, 46(3),132-151 December 2018
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  • U.S.-China "Strategic Distrust" and the Limit of China's Influence on North Korea : China's Concerns about Containment by the U.S. and Sino-North Korean Relations(MA Dissertation) March 2014



  • "The Rise of the Taoguang Yanghui in Chinese Diplomacy : A Slogan to Restrain Domestic Hardliners that Emerged in the mid-1990s," CIGS Working Paper Series, No. 22-004E March 2022
  • "Why Inbound Tourism Increases Japan's Vulnerability to China: A Look-back on the Abe Administration's Security Policies 4"SYNODOS June 2021
  • "China Keeps a Watchful Eye on Japan–Korea Disputes : Attempting to Drive a Wedge between Japan, the U.S. and South Korea," The Canon Institute for Global Studies May2021
  • "The Decision-making Process of Chinese Energy Diplomacy under the Xi Jinping Administartion: An Analysis from a Perspective of the Hierachical Power Structure", The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR) March 2021
  • "China's U.S. Strategy and the Influence on its Energy Security: Chinese Energy Policies toward the Middle East and Comparison of Japan and China"(Proceedings paper, the annual conference of the Japan Association of International Relations, October 23, 2020) October 2020
  • "Chinese Perceptions of and Reactions to Japan's Security Cooperation with Australia and the UK: Implications for the 'Free and Open Indo-Pacific' Initiative and the Japan-US Alliance"(Proceedings paper of the Japan-US Partnership Program at the Research Institute for Peace and Security) September 2020
  • "How China Views Japan's 'Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP)'" Initiative", Synodos August 2020
  • "The PRC's Cautious Stance on the U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy", China Brief, 20 (4),pp.17-22 Februay 2020
  • "Book review: Anami Yusuke, Chugoku ha naze gunkaku wo tsuzukerunoka", Kokusai anzen hosho, 46(2),130-134 September 2018
  • "The Relashionship between Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy and 'Periphery': An Analysis from the Government Work Report", Chugoku kenkyu geppou, 72(4),26-35 April 2018

Professional Memberships

  • Japan Association of Global Governance
  • Japan Association for International Security
  • Japan Association of International Relations
  • Japan Association for Asian Studies