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[Research Themes]
Security and international politics studies for resolution of new social issues
Enhancing dissemination of Japan's views and information to other countries, and international networking


  • Russian Far East, Russia's domestic and foreign policy, Japan–Russia relations



2019.3- Master of International Political Science and Economics, Nihon University
1994.3 Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University School of International Politics and Economics


2016.4- Research Fellow, The Canon Institute for Global Studies
2014.4-2016.2 Secretary in charge of policy to a Member of the House of Representatives
2007.1-2014.3 Research Fellow / Executive Director, The Eurasia 21 Research Institute
2005.4-2006.12 Research Associate, The Tokyo Foundation
2002.6-2014.3 Member of the Secretariat (Secretary General since 2007), The Council on National Security Problems


  • Coauthor of "Tokyo and Moscow ? Will Chance to Improve Come Up Soon?", The Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia(2013.7)
  • Coauthor of "Encyclopedia of Modern Asia", Bunshindo Publishing Corporation(2009)
  • "Will the Russia-Ukraine war put a brake on the development of the Northern Territories?"(2022.11)
  • "Will a partial call up by Russian President change the course of the war?"(2022.10)
  • "Why the negotiation on the Northern Territories went nowhere under the Abe administration?", SYNODOS(2021.1)
  • "Russia’s year 2024 problem: Covid-19 pandemic threw a wrench into the scenario?"(2020.6)
  • "A Distant Table for the Peace Treaty Negotiations: Three Myths About Russia", Intelligence Report(2019.6)
  • "GULAG or Russian dream: Actual conditions of the North Korean workers under economic sanctions," Intelligence Report(2018.3)
  • “Japan-Russia Summit: Joint economic activities on the Four Northern Islands of increasing hardness,” delivered by Kyodo News Service, published in The Kochi Shimbun, etc.(2017.9)
  • Russian Far East Wavering Between Japan and China, Intelligence Report(2016.12)
  • Will the Far Eastern Development Cooperation Establish the Bridgehead to Solve the Territorial Issue?, Quarterly Report of Japan Forum for Strategic Studies(2016.10)
  • Japan Facing a Tough Time Because of the Development in the Northern Territories, Shushin(2011.9)
  • Sakhalin Factor Gaining in Importance, Kaikakusya(2011.5)
  • Hidden Pitfalls of the Prime Minister's Visit to Sakhalin, Syushin(2009.6)
  • A New Twist to the Northern Territories Issue, Kaikakusya(2008.10)
  • Construction Work is Under Way in the Islands of Nostalgia, Energy Review(2008.2)
  • Aspects of Resource Nationalism in Russia, Shushin(2007.7)
  • Sakhalin Factor in Japan-Russia Relations, "Nihonjin-no Chikara"(2005.11)


  • SDF16 and Its Challenges in Russia, Kaigai Jijo(2022.3)
  • Russia's Turn to the East: from Gorbachev to Putin(2019.3)
  • Russia's "Turn to the East" and ASEAN, Kaigai Jijo(2017.1)
  • "Russia's Local Policy and Its Economic Activities in the Far East", The Tokyo Foundation(2007.3)
  • "Kremlin and the Sakhalin", The Sasakawa Peace Foundation(2006.7)



  • Attended a graduate course of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University(1995.9-1998.6)

Conferences/Study groups

  • A member of the Study Group of the Japan Forum on International Relations(2022.10-)
  • A member of the Russian/CIS Study Group of the International Affairs Institute(2017.5-2022.6)
  • Served as a member of the Japan Council to Promote Northern Territories Exchange under the Northern Territories Issue Association(2011.4-2013.3)
  • Delivered a report on the Russian Far Eastern development, etc. as a member of the Russian Study Group of the International Affairs Institute(2010.4-2014.3)
  • Served as a member of the task force for the 30th Policy Recommendations "Nature of Russian State and Japan's Strategy towards Russia" by the Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR)(2008.2)
  • Delivered a report on the human and cultural exchange between Japan and the Sakhalin at the 8th Sakhalin Forum, a conference between Japan and Russia(2005.8)

Academic Membership

  • The Japan Association for Russian and East European studies
  • Japanese Society for Global Social and Cultural Studies