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CIGS Workshop on Human Resource Development "Equity and Ethnicity in Japanese Firms' Global Talent Management"

January 18, 2017, 15:00 - 17:00
Venue: CIGS Meeting Room3

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(Mr. Kurihara, Ms. Holbrow from the left)

Workshop outline
Title:"Equity and Ethnicity in Japanese Firms' Global Talent Management"
Presenter:Hilary J. Holbrow, International Research Fellow, CIGS
Moderator:Jun Kurihara, Research Director, CIGS


Presentation slides
Presentation by Mr.KuriharaPDF:102KB
Presentation by Ms. HolbrowPDF:532KB

Speech summary
Speech summary of Ms. HolbrowPDF:473KB

Abstract of the Speech
Japanese firms increasingly seek out recruits with international experience and foreign language skills. Employers hope that these workers, popularly referred to as "global talent," will help to make Japanese companies more internationally competitive. However, global talent are not a homogeneous group: global talent includes foreign workers from Asia, the West, and other world regions, as well as Japanese workers with international experience. This presentation will consider the diversity of "global talent" at Japanese firms. It will explore how the experiences of global talent in Japanese firms differ by national background. It will point to problems with a one-size-fits-all strategy for managing global talent, and suggest solutions for better managing the internal diversity of global talent.

CIGS Workshop is a presentation of the progress for the study which CIGS researchers are doing. They take comments from other researchers, advisors, and outside commentators, and they make use of them for their future study.