Event Report  Global Economy

Dr. Yamashita gave a lecture on "WTO, TPP, Free Trade & Japanese Agricultural Policy Reform" in WTO/DDA Expert Seminar on Agriculture.

December 16, 2016
Venue: Royal Room, 7th floor, Koreana Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Dr. Kazuhito Yamashita, Research Director of the Canon Institute for Global Studies, was invited by the Government of the Republic of Korea to speak at the WTO/DDA Expert Seminar on Agriculture on December 16. At the Seminar, government officials, agricultural economy scholars, lawyers and think tank researchers in South Korea engaged in active discussions with the two experts in the field of agriculture and trade issues who were invited to the seminar, one from Japan and one from China. Specifically, serious questions were asked of Research Director, Dr. Yamashita, who was at the negotiating table of the final draft of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture (AoA), regarding legal issues relating to agricultural subsidies in the WTO AoA, the future direction that Japan should take regarding the TPP, and how to apply the draft reforms of Japanese rice policy proposed by Research Director, Dr. Yamashita, to South Korean agriculture, followed by an active exchange of opinions.

Presentation by Dr. Yamashita
"WTO, TPP, Free Trade & Japanese Agricultural Policy Reform" PDF:3937KB