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"The Study Group for Nuclear and Law" Report

Since April 2015, The Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) has worked on nuclear energy law as "The Study Group for Nuclear and Law". The following is the report of the Study Group.


Chapter 1 Our Activitiy

Chapter 2 The direction of the structure on Compensation for Nuclear Damage
 Section 1 "From Retroactive Remedy to Prevention" "From Right to Human"
 Section 2 From Retroactive Remedy to Prevention: The Purpose on Compensation for Nuclear Damage
 Section 3 Negligence versus Strict Liability: Economic Analysis of Compensation for Nuclear Damage
 Section 4 From Right to Human: The possibilities of disaster rescue approach
 Section 5 Temporary payment as disaster rescue

Chapter 3 Our Prospects

Chapter 1 Our Activity

I The Purpose of The Study Group
The Study Group for Nuclear and Law ("The Study Group", as mentioned below.) has studied, considering nuclear and law as issues ("The Study", as mentioned below), since April 2015.
The purpose of the Study Group is as below. Technological development not only provided the benefit for human, but also made the risk. Such risks making use of technological development has, of course, become serious problems for our modern society. However, there are various ways of dealing with or discussing about them. The Study Group discussed from legal viewpoint, and specifically, from the perspective of legal systems. That is, we focused on nuclear technology as the type of technology, and studied legal issues related to the policy on the risks making use of nuclear technology to indicate that we tried to apply technology development for the risks. ・・・

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"The Study Group for Nuclear and Law" Report(August 30, 2019) (PDF:661KB)