About CIGS

Fujio Mitarai
Chairman & CEO
Canon Inc.

Message from the Chairman

Canon Inc. celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2007. The company was founded by a group of young men pursuing their dream of creating a high-grade camera equal in quality to those produced by Leica, the industry leader at the time. Since then, we have grown into an industry leader through the promotion of diversification and globalization. I believe that we were able to realize this growth through our respect for human dignity based on Canon's "Three Selfs" spirit -- self-motivation, self-management, and self-awareness -- and a forward-looking outlook with a keen understanding of the present.

Amid the growing tides of globalization and increasing economic uncertainty, Japan faces mounting concerns regarding its future, including changes in its governing structure, an aging population coupled with a declining birthrate, and problems involving social security. On a global scale, as emerging countries continue to develop, the world faces many daunting problems that have never before been experienced, including a range of food and environmental crises.

When considering Japan and the rest of the world, careful deliberation and analysis of the present is needed more than ever to ensure an accurate forecast of events far into the future.

With its establishment, I hope that the Canon Institute for Global Studies will play an active role in shaping the future of Japan and the rest of the world by precisely plotting out future directions and visions, disseminating information, providing roadmaps, and serving as a venue for outstanding human resources with the sophistication and sensibility to substantively improve the world. We believe that through such activities, we can promote further development in Japan and on a global scale, and thus contribute to the ongoing prosperity and well being of humankind.

Toward the realization of these goals, the Canon Institute for Global Studies welcomes as its president Mr. Toshihiko Fukui, a man of vast knowledge and experience.

With every confidence that the Canon Institute for Global Studies will contribute meaningfully to the future development of Japan and the rest of the world, we request your support and cooperation in our activities.